Saturday, October 07, 2006

Three volcanoes - walks I prepared earlier

Last year I actually managed to walk up three of Auckland's volcanoes, so I can already tick off:
  • Mt Roskill (cannot find out the Maori name) - surprisingly steep and you have to walk through the cows (and their pats) which is quite fun
  • Mt Albert (aka Owairaka) - a bit dull, but had a nice picnic at the top
  • Pigeon Mountain (aka Ohui-a-rangi) - quite small, I've always wanted to climb this one because of an historic association with OAR YMs which is based at the bottom of the hill.
I've also found a handy map of Auckland's volcanoes on the ARC site (and learnt how to spell volcanoes correctly as a result). Some of those listed are of course craters rather than hills, eg Lake Pupuke. I'm not sure how I'll tackle those as I know you can't walk around all of them due to private property on the lake/basin edges.

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