Friday, October 06, 2006

Blockhouse Bay to Green Bay - Sept. 30th 2006

Little bit of catch-up to play here, as the first walk was in fact done last weekend...

Nickname Pending and I took part of one of the walkways along the northern side of the Manukau Harbour. It has a name which regrettably I can't remember, and I can't find anything about it on the Auckland City Council website either.

Anyway we started in a carpark off Taunton Tce (I think) and ended up initially walking the wrong way, and ending up at fishing spot in Blockhouse Bay that was being well used. We turned around and headed in the other direction, resulting in a lovely little trek up hill and down dale through the bush to Green Bay where we had a break, ate some chocolate and replaced some of moisture we'd lost. Then we turned around and headed back - much faster than the trip there, particularly as we didn't stop to go down to a little beach that we visited on the way there.

All in all a pleasant walk, made it back to the car just in time to avoid the big downpour that lasted several days. Calf muscles very sore the next day from going up so many steps and hilly bits, but it's a burn that makes you feel rather virtuous.

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