Friday, October 06, 2006

the first footprint

The purpose of this blog is to motivate me to complete my goal of walking up every Auckland volcano, as part of my aim to increase my fitness and get to know my own city better. I'm also intending to do many of the other non-volcanic walks Auckland has to offer, especially in the early stages as I build up my poor saggy calf muscles (they really are pitiful).

I'll be recording these walks here, in brief, along with a few photos where I've remembered to take the camera along. The idea is to try to go on a walk each Saturday, as the weather allows. I'm not walking alone - Nickname Pending will hopefully be coming along too most days.

Recommendations for walks are always welcome. Currently I am seeking them out through several methods:
I'm not expecting a big readership of this blog, it's mostly for self-motivation, but if you do drop in and feel inclined to share please feel free to do so via the comments function (after each post), or send me an email via

Happy reading to you and happy walking to me!

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