Wednesday, February 14, 2007

River and waterfall walks, Maungaroa Station - 11th Feb. 2007

Step 1. Drive to Te Kaha on the East Coast, on SH35.
Step 2. Turn right (if coming from Opotiki, left if coming from Gisborne) up Copenhagen Rd.

Step 3. Drive along it until you come to the unsealed road marked with a sign marked Maungaroa Station Rd.

Step 4. Gently proceed along said road, trying to avoid the really big stones unless you dislike the underside of your car and want to punish it for unspeakable transgressions.

Step 5. Continue through a gate marked Maungaroa Station, being careful of course to shut it after you if it is open.

Step 6. Keep driving for a considerable distance more along an ever worsening road, including across dry riverbeds, until you reach some houses. At that point you may wish to approach the one with the cute puppy and ask for a) permission and b) directions to the walk.

We headed up river for about an hour and a half then walked back. This involved a lot of crossing the river back and forth, picking the shallowest spots. For this reason shorts and sandals are the go.

On the way back we took a short track to a small waterfall, marked by neon spraypaint on trees.

All up, including a stop for lunch and several shorter breaks to attempt to skim stones, take pics, avoid scaring cows, over 3 and a half hours (plus the drive there and back).

And here are some pics:

And what farm-based walk post would be complete without a donkey shot?

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